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“When you live intentionally, you realize you have choices—and that those choices empower you to be where you want to be, do what you want to do, and live the life you always wanted.”

In this post i will show you the first step of my project to go live tiny. I noticed the tinyhouse movement some years back but suddenly i find myself on a new path and the idea to go tiny is becoming a dream and a reality.

I am an 3d artist that specializes in architectural renderings so designing my own tinyhouse was an easy step although i do not have any architectural degrees. It made it easy to see how i could use every inch of space available and how i wanted to live. After alot of iterations in design i came on this design wich i am quite satisfied with. Offcoarse there could be improvements and i welcome everybody to give their advice, comments and critique so i may be able to improve on what i have.

This phase is just conceptual and after this i am going to rebuild the whole tinyhouse in 3D so i can get the construction details worked out. But first things first!

Here are the images!


Grts Niels Sinke

Visualisation renderings

The design
Zijde R 1
Zijde R 2
Deuren open

Some facts about

The TinyHouse
  • The design is abstract and a clean minimalist shape. It will contrast nicely or blend in nicely with nature depending on your view of things. The exterior will have a natural look and the house itself will be build with as much eco friendly materials as possible.

  • Uses solar panels with tesla powerwall, gasbottle for cooking, internal (rain)water tank for showering and drinking after filtering, and a compost toilet.

  • The dimensions of the house are 7.20m x 2.55m and max 4m high. This results in a living area including the loft of around 23m2 meters.

  • Heating will be done by wood stove and infrared panels to keep the house out of freezing point.

Zijde L 2
Zijde L 1
Zijde voor en achter

And here some images of the

Interior design

The interior design is alot of white because i like it light with colourfull details and the use of wood. These are just examples and the end result may vary offcoarse.

Int 4
Int 2
Int 3
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