Niels Sinke
Designer and Artisan
I like to create and design things. My goal is to make functional art!
About us
some insight in our story
IMAGINE came to life because of the love for beautifully designed products. Functional art so to speak. But since so many products get to be manufactured in mass production and loses its soul we wanted to do things different here at IMAGINE.

The goal is to have as many handcrafted products as possible but also made in a environmentally friendly way. This means tha we try to salvage old materials and reclaim, recycle and upcycle as much as we can.

We will also try to be innovative in the use of naturally occuring materials like natural resins, glues and building materials to try and lower our footprint as much as we possibly can while maintaining a high quallity product.

All products offered on this website are one of a kind and unique items even if there are more of one offered. Because we handcraft the items no item is exactly the same.

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